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Rioja Álavesa

Welcome in Rioja Álavesa

The first thing that comes to mind about Rioja Álavesa is its wines and prestigious wineries. But, in addition to its wine attractions, the beauty of Spain, paleontological treasures, nature and history.

La Rioja is a perfect destination to spend a few days traveling in peace without traveling great distances. Rioja is a landscape of pure contrast from the basins of the Ebro River and its tributaries, to the slopes and tops of our mountains.

La Rioja has picturesque wine-growing towns that contain a special charm. Some of them have been recognized among the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain, highlighting Briones, Sajazarra, and Laguardia. A tour that combines history, culture and the exquisite wine tradition of the region.

In La Rioja, wine is almost a religion, and the wineries are one of the strong points of the trip. The Romans brought this crop that would prosper in monasteries during the Middle Ages.


In 1787 the Royal Board of Harvesters was created, but it would be in the 19th century when new production methods based on Bordeaux wines were introduced, giving rise to the proliferation of new wineries.

The phylloxera plague of French vines will give the definitive boost to production and Rioja wines will achieve worldwide fame. In La Rioja there are many wineries that you can visit, learn about the production methods in the wineries, learn in a tasting course, taste a paired menu... a wide range that you have to know when you visit this land.


Villabuena de Álava

Located in the south of the historic territory of Álava, within the Laguardia-Rioja Alavesa Cuadrilla, the small town does not have more than 350 inhabitants. That's one of its advantages: there are 43 registered commercial wineries. One winery for every eight people, which holds the record of being the town in the world with the largest number of wineries per inhabitant.

Villabuena de álava - Hotel Viura - Rioja Alavesa

Villabuena de Álava has mostly old vineyards, spread across small estates, so the harvest is always manual. There are wineries with a rather high production, such as Luis Cañas, Izadi and Bodegas de la Marquesa, but the majority are purely family businesses.

The urban center is full of stately homes in the Renaissance and Baroque style. The Casa del Indiano, from the 18th century and baroque style, and that of the Marquis of Solana stand out. Formerly it was a village in Laguardia called Villaescuerna.

In addition, just a kilometer and a half from the town, there is the Dolmen of 'El Montecillo', a Bronze Age tomb discovered at the end of 2009 by a neighbor, and the Ateo Ibaola Harriak cemetery, an open-air museum whose carved rocks simulate a megalithic site.

Essence, history and art share space in a town surrounded by vineyards, with dolmen included. Tradition and modernity merge in this town in Rioja Alavesa where not only wine rules, but also architecture. The Viura Hotel and its extremely avant-garde architecture integrate perfectly.



The modernity of the Hotel Viura is completely integrated into the town of Villabuena de Álavesa

Villabuena de álava - Hotel Viura - Rioja Alavesa


Observe the impressive landscape of the snow-covered vineyards in winter while feeling the heat of the vine embers in any fireplace of a century-old winery. In spring, color and joy emerge, the first buds appear and with them numerous events where you can enjoy the beginning of rebirth. When summer arrives, green and vegetation floods our landscape and countless outdoor plans arise. And in autumn, the reddish vineyards and the calm of the temperate climate make it one of the best times to visit us.

Rioja Álavesa in Winter.

Rioja Álavesa in Winter


The coldest months of the year are also an ideal time to discover the diverse and unique plans offered by the most visited Designation of Origin in the country, from history, nature and leisure, outside of the classic destinations.

In the embrace of winter, Rioja awakens with a white blanket that adorns its vineyards, creating winter scenes worthy of the best paintings and the best photos. This season, not only the wineries of Rioja are presented as welcoming refuges, inviting travelers to explore their wine tourism experiences, but also everything that an immensely rich region offers and ready to be enjoyed.


Rioja Álavesa in Spring.

Rioja Álavesa in Spring


Nature wakes up and with it the desire to enjoy the outdoors. The vines, many of them centuries old, are already emerging with new shoots, a sign that spring is bringing the countryside out of its winter lethargy. Spring offers just the right amount of freshness and warmth for a visit with culture and wine intermingled to seduce everyone.

In addition, you can enjoy exhibitions and cultural events, go trekking through the Sierra de la Demanda, discover the Camino de Santiago among vineyards, visit the Siete Villas, terrace and listen to a live concert, or even enjoy a farmers' market, among others.


Rioja Álavesa in Summer.

Rioja Álavesa in Summer


Rioja Álavesa is a paradise for wine tourism lovers willing to enjoy a different summer, breathing fresh air among vineyards, wineries and towns with medieval charm. We change the 'seas of waves' for 'seas of vines', an alternative less crowded and more refreshing.

Its 23 towns and villages preserve their medieval traces almost intact in murals and remains of fortresses, emblazoned houses and Renaissance, Baroque or Neoclassical buildings. Some hide authentic underground cities configured by their cellars and drafts. Ideal for shelter during the warmest hours.


Rioja Álavesa in Autumn.

Rioja Álavesa in Autumn


When the harvest ends, the fields of Rioja offer their best face with all the colors of autumn. What just a few weeks ago were fields full of bunches and infinite green, today are crying out for all our attention. The temperature is still pleasant, it is time to enjoy calmer plans without the crowds and summer heat.

Afterwards the vinification and the production of the wine begins. The release of this fruity wine arouses great expectations among fans, and is also a good reason to meet up with friends and have a good time in our region.