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Unique wineries

Discovering the essential wineries of Rioja

Every day at the Viura hotel we deal with the wineries in our area and with them we have lovingly designed unique experiences that we offer to feel Rioja in the most authentic way possible.

Izadi Wineries. Nature, Innovation, Tradition

Izadi Wineries


Located in one of the privileged areas of the D.O.Ca. Rioja, Izadi has always been at the forefront in the production of high-quality wines, becoming a classic of modern inspiration and recognized prestige. All of this is revealed as the idyllic setting in which to make Izadi wines. The winery has five heights, in each one and taking advantage of gravity, one of the different processes occurs by which the precious Rioja grape becomes wine.

Distance: 0.4 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English.


Luis Cañas Wineries. Four generations, a humble family

 Luis Cañas Wineries


Bodegas Luis Cañas is a family winery that dates back to 1928, although the family has been growing vines and making wine for more than two centuries. Today it is one of the main wineries in Rioja Alavesa. Its wines are made from the production of almost 350 hectares of high altitude vineyards. Luis Cañas' team finds the source of its success in nature and therefore strives to maintain the characteristics that the environment has given to the vineyards. Being green is not just a marketing trend, but it is the philosophy and key to the winery's good work.

Distance: 0.5 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.


La Marquesa Wineries. Worship for a job well done

 La Marquesa Wineries


A family winery in the heart of Rioja Alavesa, where for more than 100 years, five generations have worked with enthusiasm producing exceptional wines. VISIT THE ORIGINS EXCLUSIVE VIURA. A journey through the history of our family winery, walking through our centuries-old “calados”. At the end of the visit, commented tasting of three wines: Valserrano Blanco fermented in barrels, Crianza and another wine of your choice from all our wines along with an aperitif.

Distance: 0.6 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.


Amaren Wineries. Premium Family Winery

 Amaren Wineries


Immerse yourself in the winery through the tasting of its wines to take us from its bowels to a cellar made by chisel in the 16th century. Learn about the origin of Rioja Alavesa wines and enjoy some of its most modern and deceptive exponents. A walk that combines tradition with the latest technology and that aims to make wines that excite.

Distance: 3.3 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.


Baigorri Wineries. Architecture, Gravity, Transparency

Baigorri Wineries


An emblematic building and a world reference in orienting its architecture to the service of the gravity wine making process. A project where nature and technology have come together to work in harmony. Gift for Hotel Viura guests of a glass of Garage Premium wine if they take the tasting menu.

Distance: 3.4 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Basque.


Ostatu Wineries. Tradition, Family and Own Vineyards

Ostatu Wineries


For generations, the Sáenz de Samaniego family has been dedicated to viticulture, there is evidence of our connection with the vineyards since the 16th century. Caring for and being part of the landscape are our premises for today and tomorrow, together with a continuous commitment to quality, make Ostatu a winery with a name and surname. Enjoy our SPECIAL TASTING with unique wines and an aperitif.

Distance: 3.4 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English.


Amador Garcia Wineries. Creativity, Passion and Innovation

 Amador Garcia Wineries


Family winery whose objective is the production of unique wines of limited production, taking care of the raw materials: man and land. Wines that capture thousands of moments in an instant. Bodegas Amador García proposes the Experience of VISIT TO THE VINEYARD and winery, tasting of two wines, a young white 100% Viura and a red 100% Tempranillo and because we are clients of the Hotel Viura we will add our rosé wine to the tasting, and as a culmination the workshop of Aromas.

Distance: 3.4 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.


Valdelana Wineries. Family, History, Experiences

Valdelana Wineries


Bodegas Valdelana is a family winery founded in 1583. Awarded Best Winery in Art and Culture, it offers visitors an underground tour with remains of all the cultures that have inhabited Rioja, as well as an infinite number of experiences in its Garden of Varieties from meals between vineyards to stellar pairings. Let yourself be seduced by the culture and history of Rioja at the hands of this family that has been showing the essence of this region for fourteen generations. After the visit we will take you to our “GARDEN OF VARIETIES” where you can enjoy our wonderful surroundings.

Distance: 6.5 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.


Marques del Riscal Wineries. Architecture and History

Marques del Riscal Wineries


The complex, located in Elciego, is made up of the old Marqués de Riscal winery (1858), one of the oldest in Rioja, as well as a new building designed by the Canadian architect, Frank O. Gehry.

Distance: 6.5 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese.


Palacio Wineries. The essence of Rioja Alavesa

Palacio Wineries


In 1894, Don Cosme Palacio embarked on an exciting adventure among the vineyards. This is a winery that would forever change the course of wine history. A before and after in the heart of Rioja Alavesa. Today at Bodegas Palacio we want to invite visitors to take a journey through the past and present of the great wines of Rioja. Discover a pioneering personality. Visit to the winery and tasting of a SELECTION of Cosme Palacio wines.

Distance: 11.1 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English.


Luis Alegre Wineries. Small estates and barrels a la carte

Luis Alegre Wineries


Born in 1968, at Bodegas Luis Alegre since its origin, we have made maximum quality our philosophy. We work with a firm objective: to make wines with personality. To do this, we combine evolution and tradition, optimizing and even reinventing what already exists, always respecting the bases of tradition and wine heritage. VISIT “LUIS ALEGRE” with a 20% discount for Hotel Viura clients.

Distance: 9.6 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.


Casa Primicia Wineries. History, organic wine and quality

Casa Primicia Wineries


The walls of the small medieval town of Laguardia hide one of the most precious treasures of the Rioja Alavesa, Bodegas Casa Primicia. Descending towards its unique underground caves is another of those sensations that are never forgotten. At Casa Primicia you feel like you are witnessing the true history of wine. Visit Viura clients. PRIVATE TOUR with tasting of three wines from our premium range.

Distance: 10 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English


Lecea Wineries. Historical, family, artisan

 Lecea Wineries


Bodegas Lecea is a trip to the past through a visit to a family winery, which still preserves the historic caves-cellars from the 16th century for the production of their wine and ancient artisanal techniques such as grape treading. During the tour of the UNDERGROUND CAVES, several wines will be tasted. 30% discount for Hotel Viura customers at Bodegas Lecea.

Distance: 12 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English.


Solar de Samaniego Wineries. Drink Between the Lines

 Solar de Samaniego Wineries


Bodegas Solar de Samaniego, in Laguardia, has recovered its industrial architecture from the 1970s through the Beber Entre Líneas project, a fusion of the cultures of wine and literature, with interventions such as Guido van Helten's striking murals on its old warehouses . Day visit with tapa and NIGHT VISIT with chocolate.

Distance: 13 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.


Finca Valpiedra. Follow the Chateau model

Finca Valpiedra


Finca Valpiedra, is located in the best area of ​​D.O. Ca. Rioja in a spectacular meander of the Ebro River. The exceptional conditions of this 80-hectare estate derive from its microclimate and type of soil formed by a blanket of boulders and limestone. For all these characteristics, Finca Valpiedra belongs to the Association of Large Payments of Spain. WELCOME WINE for Viura clients on their visits.

Distance: 13 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English


Tierra Wineries. Passion and knowledge in making wines

Tierra Wineries


We are a family winery, located in the urban center of Labastida, an initiative of Fidel Fernández Gibaja, who is followed by his sons Carlos, Fidel and his grandson Guillermo. The winery is part of the heritage of a dynasty of winegrowers with 24 hectares of its own vineyards, some of which are over a hundred years old. Viura customers who visit Tierra will get a 5% discount on the purchase of wine.

Distance: 14 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English.


Vivanco Wineries. One of the great icons of the Culture of Wine

Vivanco Wineries


Today at Vivanco we understand wine as a way of life from an innovative, energy-filled perspective, offering you a unique, exclusive experience around the Culture of Wine. Winery, Foundation and Experiences are a faithful reflection of the commitment of the Vivanco family to “giving back to wine what wine has given us” which we invite you to discover.During the harvest, we offer the activity "Harvest Festival", during the pruning season the activity "Pruning time and zurracapote", on special occasions "The Master Bodeguero for a day".

Distance: 15 km from Viura Hotel / Languajes: spanish, english, french, german y chinese (extra).


Conde de los Andes Wineries. 1 kilometer of inderground and history

Conde de los Andes Wineries


Spectacular, revealing, profound and as exceptional as Conde de los Andes' own drafts. Excavated progressively over the centuries, the Conde de los Andes wineries are the most impressive underground network in Rioja. Because of its age, its architecture and its extension, about a linear kilometer to travel to the past with great wines from Conde de los Andes. Rioja as it was, Rioja as it is: a journey through 500 years of wine culture.

Distance: 20 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English.


Ramón Bilbao Wineries. The journey begins here

Ramón Bilbao Wineries


Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, with a history that begins in 1924, offers a wide range of activities and experiences to experience the production of our most special wines up close. Visits with branch tastings, vineyard experiences, events for groups and companies, thematic and specific activities about wine, pairings... all with the sole objective of enjoying the culture of wine. Customers staying at the Viura Hotel who wish to book the experience at Bodegas Ramón Bilbao will enjoy a 20% discount on the final price of the experience.

Distance: 21 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.


La Rioja Alta Wineries. Tradition, Innovation and Quality

La Rioja Alta Wineries


Founded in 1890, it is located in the emblematic Barrio de la Estación in Haro. A winery that is an international symbol of Rioja wine and in which tradition and modernity coexist perfectly. Hotel Viura customers will enjoy a free GLASS OF RESERVE WINE and a special discount on purchases made on the day of the visit in the winery store.

Distance: 19 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English.


Valdemar Wineries. Pioneer family in wine and gastronomy

Valdemar Wineries


We are the passion of a family for its land, its vineyard and its origin. We open the doors of our house to share with you our way of living the wine culture. EXCLUSIVE visit for CUSTOMERS of the VIURA Hotel through the most special corners of the winery in a tour of about 30 minutes to end with a selection of emblematic wines in a professional tasting room with 3 premium wines accompanied by an aperitif: First White Fermented in Barrel from Spain and unique vineyard: Finca Alto Cantabria; an international tradition, Conde Valdemar Gran Reserva, and our Conde Valdemar Limited Edition.

Distance: 28 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English.


Finca la Emperatriz Wineries. A vineyard, infinite sensations

Finca la Emperatriz Wineries


A family project that owes its name to its former owner: Eugenia de Montijo, last Empress of France. Discover the secrets of its terroir, tour its unique vineyard and taste its wines in a spectacular garden located in the heart of the estate.

Distance: 34 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French, German.


Marques de Vargas Wineries. Exclusivity, Château, Elegance

Marques de Vargas Wineries


Nestled in the center of its own vineyard, Marqués de Vargas, with a 'château' style, offers a range of possibilities to discover its history, its philosophy and, of course, its wines. Guided tours, tastings at the Wine Bar or experiences complemented by the best gastronomy, which one do you prefer? Feel the elegance of the Marqués de Vargas terroir. Visit the vineyard, which shapes each of our wines, the winery and taste with us our Reserva, Gran Reserva, Private Selection and, EXCLUSIVELY for Viura customers, our Hacienda Pradolagar.

Distance: 39 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.


Otazu Wineries. Art, History, Architecture

Otazu Wineries


Otazu Winery is located just 8 km from Pamplona and framed between the Sierra del Perdón and the Sierra del Sarbil, with the Arga River as a natural delimiter. A vineyard certified as a Pago Protected Designation of Origin, the highest category that can be obtained in Spain, which guarantees the selection and inimitable personality of each of its wines. Walk through the historic Señorío de Otazu which is made up of a Romanesque church from the 12th century, a defense tower from the 14th century and a palace from the 16th century. Visit to the old winery building, dating from the 19th century, now converted into a wine museum and various contemporary art spaces in which the works and projects of the Otazu Foundation are exhibited. The impressive barrel room known internationally as “the Cathedral of Wine”. Tasting of 3 wines with pintxos.

Distance: 115 km from Hotel Viura / Languages: Spanish, English, French.